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Current Prices for Non-Special Events are listed on the Trailer Picture Page

​Special Events Prices call for details


Plus 7.5% taxes

Prep Fee              $50.00
Sanitation Kit     $12.00
Trailer Refundable Damage Deposit   $200.00
Motor home Refundable Damage Deposit   $500.00

​Long Term Rental Damage Deposit      $500.00

In addition the following fees may apply
depending on Rental Request

Dry Camp Fee   $50.00

Road side Assistance $5.00 a day within 50 miles

Road side Assistance $12.00 a day outside of 50 miles
Fuel Replacement Charge  $2.60
per a gallon

Beyond 150 miles fee    $50.00 (Trailers)
Beyond 100 miles fee   $.35 a mile (RV)
Generator usage fee   $2.50 per hour

Note: All Trailers and RVs are required to have Road Side Assistance


Prices subject to change without notice

3950 Demetropolis Rd

Mobile, AL 36693